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Rent the Back to the Future Time Machine!

Give your guests a WOW photograph as they sit in our Time machine - Watch them as they experience  Doc. Brown and Marty McFly venture Back to the Future.

The BTTF DeLorean, Time Machine remains the most popular movie car ever built.

People just cannot take their eyes off it! The interior and exterior details are exquisite.

Fully functioning display, complete with fog/smoke machine, movie track theme music, special sound effects, functional circuit lighting of flux capacitor, flux bands, spectrometer and switches

This iconic car draws huge crowds!

Hire our DeLorean Time Machine Today.

Entertain your guests with this mesmerizing, jaw dropping movie accurate Time Machine.
Built as an exacting replica of the most popular movie car ever built.

Private Functions • Exhibits • Weddings • Film projects
• Birthday Parties • Trade Shows • Corporate Events • Advertising • Promotions • Car Shows



  • Based on usage between 10am thru 10pm       

  • $1,500.00 First day rental up to 8hours of display

  • $450.00 for Delivery/ Load-in / Staging

  • Event must be within 40 miles of Abbotsford BC

  • Additional charges will be applied for: Travel, Food, Lodging, overtime and late hours


  • $250.00 per hour – 3 hour minimum within 40 mile of Abbotsford BC

  • $250.00 per hour - 4 hour minimum outside the 40 mile radius.

  • $450.00 for Delivery/ Load-in / Staging

  • Hourly rates are based on less than 6 hours per day of display. If the display is more than 6 hours per day a flat rate will be quoted on a case by case bases. Travel, food, lodging,

  • Overtime and late hours are in addition to the hourly rate.


Over night stays require lodging/ hotel charges at the rate of $350.00 per night per person


  • A 50% deposit is required for Booking/Appearances plus a signed agreement

  • Total Fee must be paid in advance of each Appearance

  • Our Time Machine is insured and road legal 1981 DeLorean.

What you will need to know about the Time machine to fit inside your building, hallway , platform, or stage:
DeLorean Specification: 15 feet in length,- 5 feet high – Weight 3,400 lbs – Ground Clearance 5.5 inches – Wheel base 95 inches – Turning radius 35 feet.
The body is Stainless Steel, all props attached to vehicle are movie accurate and securely fastened to the DeLorean. Engine and Transmission do not leak and are in good running order.

The DeLorean cannot be driven by anyone other than one of our team members.

The DeLorean has 2 - 12 Volt cut-off switches for static displays. The Engine & Vehicle Electrical system is separate from all the movie props, lighting and necessary display & performance features.


Contact Hank Funk for availability and booking your event or any questions you may have.

Email:           Mobile: 604.309.9425


What kind of Performance do you get?

The Time machine is a Static display for guest to enjoy looking at. Guests can sit inside and take photographs of each other. One of our staff members controls all special effects such as, sound effects, movie theme music, fog and smoke and all lighting. A staff member can also show individuals a static display of the time machine traveling up to 88 mph and watching the Flux Capacitor light up with sound effects.

The Iconic Back to The Future DeLorean – built by Hank Funk


Now on display - an exacting, museum quality, Back to The Future DeLorean

As an avid enthusiast, Hank Funk began to convert his own restored DeLorean into a time machine in 2019. Funk, being a well-known Businessman and Canadian artist developed a passion for detail. His quest to build the car and perfect it has taken him over 1,200 hours.  “Thank goodness for the internet”, says Funk, researching and finding original and replica/identical parts has taken him to France, Italy, Florida and Texas.                 

This is the B car as shown at the end of the first movie and through the second movie
Many parts that were too difficult to find or totally unavailable had to be hand built and manufactured locally to the exacting specifications. “There are no plans for this sort of project, every measurement and specification had to be determined after viewing hundreds of photographs, building artist mock-ups and physically visiting and photographing the original movie car on display at the Petersen Museum in California”. Many parts are from vintage military aircraft, Sikorsky and Apache helicopters.

The car is near identical to the original Back to the Future movie DeLorean. Funk has made sure its identical in every way to the original car. It has become a working show piece and display, computerized with sound effects, fog machine and lighted flux bands giving the spectator a feeling of viewing the real movie car in action. Most comments from viewers are – “I didn’t realize the car had originally been built with such detail and the realism”.

The BBTF DeLorean, Time Machine remains the most popular movie car ever built.
People just can’t take their eyes off it!

“The Back to the Future films is part of Universal Studios Hollywood legacy, Funk takes enormous pride in preserving this history. The films continue to resonate with people around the world and so Funk and his company are incredibly pleased to share this iconic hero car enabling future generations to go back to the future.”


DeLorean Time Machine Replica
Build by artist Hank G Funk & Cap-it Customs

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